FAQ (3.0.0)

Is WEXAL® Page Speed Technology only available in the KUSANAGI environment?

WEXAL® Page Speed Technology (hereinafter referred to as PST) is available in two editions: "KUSANAGI Premium Edition" and "WEXAL® Reverse Proxy Limited Edition", which can be used regardless of server environment.

"WEXAL® Reverse Proxy Limited Edition" is currently available only from the Azure Marketplace of Microsoft Azure.

The Launch of "WEXAL® Reverse Proxy Limited Edition", providing faster speed without server migration (April 14, 2020).

A KUSANAGI environment is a prerequisite for using the "KUSANAGI Premium Edition". The "KUSANAGI Premium Edition" can be used in either of the following ways.

(1) Upgrade to the "KUSANAGI Premium Edition" from the Marketplace of your cloud service.
Please check here for the latest information on your cloud service Marketplace.
Editions and upgrades

(2) If you are using a cloud service where "KUSANAGI Premium Edition" is not available, please purchase an upgrade license from the "KUSANAGI Marketplace" operated by Prime Strategy for the free version of KUSANAGI, and then upgrade to the "KUSANAGI Premium Edition".
KUSANAGI Marketplace

Nothing appears in the PST Manager profile list, what should I do?

In order to use PST Manager, all profiles must be updated to the latest PST version.

Use the "pst init" command to update each profile version in order to use PST Manager again.

Functions that should be on the Dashboard or on each profile page in PST Manager don't appear

Some functions of PST Manager will not be available if the PST version in the profile is different from that of the server.

Use the "pst init" command to update each profile version in order to use PST Manager again.

How to open a port to use PST Manager on Sakura internet VPS?

For access to port number 61000 to use PST Manager, execute the command to change firewall settings.

Change the settings according to the following.
Even a cat can do it! Sakura Internet VPS Lecture - Part 7: Understanding Firewall "firewalld" | Sakura Knowledge(ネコでもわかる!さくらのVPS講座 ~第七回「ファイアウォール”firewalld”について理解しよう」 | さくらのナレッジ)

How to stop PST?

It's necessary to stop PST in each profile, so first execute the following command.

pst off %PROFILE-NAME%
pst watch off %PROFILE-NAME%

How to uninstall PST?

Execute the following command on all profiles that have PST enabled.

pst remove -y %PROFILE-NAME%

In addition, execute the following command on the server with root privileges.

yum erase kusanagi-prem3 kusanagi-prem3-lua kusanagi-prem3-nodejs

Since installing PST, why has the number of access analysis tools gone up suddenly?

The introduction of PST may have affected crawl to the site.
Since version 2.3.0, improvements have been made to block crawling requests from "www.google-analytics.com", so you may need to update your PST.
Or, if you are using Google Analytics, please use the filter function to exclude the global IP address of the web server using PST.

When updating files, why aren't optimized files updated?

First of all, check for caching problems such as browser caches, cache plug-ins, CDNs, etc.

PST monitors file updates, but if for some reason the optimized files are not being updated, use one of the following two methods to remove (purge) the optimized content.

(1) "Remove optimized content by specifying resources" in PST Manager

(2) Add the query string "?wexal=purge" to the URL of the target file.
Query Strings

In versions 2.5.1-1 and earlier, there is a problem with updating "webfont" style sheets generated by specifying "webfont" in the "engagement delay" directive. Please update PST.