"WEXAL®" Resource Optimization

To reduce transfer volume and speed up communication, it's important to compress and reduce the size of images, style sheets, JavaScripts, and other scripts contained in web pages.


  • Removes unnecessary code from HTML/JS/CSS
  • Compresses HTML/JS/CSS
  • Compresses images or dilutes color
  • Converts images into next-generation formats

The "Optimizer" optimizes resources by the above processes.

Selectively Rendering Images into Next Generation Format

Depending on the browser, next-generation formats may not always be supported.

WEXAL® automatically distributes converted images according to browser compatibility.

Selecting the Lightest Image in AB Testing

Image optimization processes generally involve image compression and next-generation format conversion. "WEXAL®" uses pattern-based compression algorithms and generates images in next-generation format and then selects the smallest image size. This greatly reduces the transfer volume.

Retaining All Original Files

Optimized resources are stored in a dedicated directory and the original files are not changed. This makes it easy for "WEXAL®"to again optimize resources from the original file, such as altering compression ratio, etc.