What is WEXAL®?

"WEXAL® Page Speed Technology®" is an "acceleration engine" for web systems. It improves Core Web Vitals and PageSpeed Insight scores and enhances UX (user experience).

Why the Need for Speed?

According to Google:

“53% of visitors will abandon a mobile site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.”
“Increasing page load speed from 1 second to 5 seconds increases bounce rate for mobile site visitors by 90%.”

- Google

Improving display speed is an important issue for websites (systems) that are directly related to revenue and results.

In addition, Google has an index of web display speed and incorporates it into search ranking factors, demonstrating the importance of improving user experience.

Thus, the need for higher speeds is increasing, as it is directly related to results such as conversion and revenue.

Faster Network and Browser Rendering is Vital

Mobile networks have evolved from 3G to 4G and 5G, sites with detailed content using large images and videos have increased, in addition, a technique called "header bidding" for advertising and the display of related articles using APIs has become commonplace.

This is why there is now such a need to improve network and browser rendering speeds.

User Experience Indicators, Core Web Vitals

For a website to be viewed by a large number of users, it must be evaluated by search engines such as Google and appear at the top of the list. The most important item for evaluation is content, but Google has indicated that there are several other elements affecting evaluation.

Of particular interest are "Page Experience" and "Core Web Vitals," metrics related to user experience and display speed. "Core Web Vitals" has become particularly important since it became a ranking indicator in June 2021.

Experience and Core Web Vitals

Four Steps in Web Page Display

Web page display involves four steps: in response to an HTTP request from a browser, a web server generates content, sends it to the browser as an HTTP response, and the browser renders it.

To speed up page display, it is necessary to speed up the server-side and the client-side/browser communications.

Four Steps in Web Page Display

Among other things, improved network and rendering speeds can be done by

  • Compressing excessively large images
  • Choosing the right image format
  • Avoid re-loading CSS
  • Avoid re-loading JavaScript
  • Shortening code
  • Deleting unused code
  • Minifying resources
  • Compressing resources
  • Lazy loading of resources / controlling loading order

These effective methods for accelerating webpage display speed have been carefully selected and are continuously implemented into our product.

"WEXAL® Page Speed Technology®" (WEXAL®) and Strategic AI "David", are technologies that promote the use of the web by reducing human workload and automating these speed-up methods based on AI judgment.

Features of WEXAL®

Strategic AI "David" Speeds-up Web Rendering

It's important that the initial viewing is fast so that users can determine if the information on the page is meaningful for them. Strategic AI "David" analyzes web pages and controls the order in which resources are loaded to speed up browser rendering and improve user experience.

Strategic AI "David" Dynamically Speeds-up Systems

Web systems vary from page to page both in elements and structure. In addition, content is constantly being updated while system changes are made for improvement. Strategic AI "David" dynamically generates strategies for each page, allowing operators to focus on updating content.

Lighter Resources for Faster Display and Fewer Transfers

Resources such as images, JavaScript, and CSS, essential for web system display, are compressed and delivered in the lightest possible format, thereby reducing network load and speeding up display. Reduced transfer volume leads to reduced cloud etc., usage fees for the operator as well as reduced communication costs for the user.

Dedicated Management Page Enables Acceleration Without Requiring Specialized Knowledge or Technical Skills

By setting up high-speed operations on the dedicated management page "PST Manager," higher speeds can be achieved without specialized knowledge or technical skills. Advanced customization is also possible by editing commands and configuration files.

The Original Data is Not Altered

WEXAL® does not modify the original resources, programs, or data stored in a database, etc. Optimized resources are stored in a dedicated directory. This makes it worry free to implement and operate; the original contents and server-side settings can instantly be restored simply by turning WEXAL® ON/OFF.