When Updating PST (3.x) - Setup by PST Commands (3.1.x)

Updating PST Modules

Please use the latest version of WEXAL® Page Speed Technology (hereinafter referred to as "PST"). The latest version continuously applies bug fixes, security updates, and implements changes in evolving web technology. Root privileges are necessary to update.

$ sudo yum update kusanagi-prem3


$ su -
[root@kusanagi8 ~]# yum update kusanagi-prem3

If the following message is displayed, PST (3.x) has not been installed. Refer to "When migrating from a previous PST (2.x)" for more information.

No packages marked for update


Package(s) kusanagi-prem3 available, but not installed.
No packages marked for update

Check the PST version by the "pst -V" command. To execute the "pst" command,"kusanagi" user or root privileges are required.

[kusanagi@kusanagi8 ~]$ pst -V
PST Version : 3.1.1